The AYRFCI Fundraising Network Commissions

Like our big businesses, a franchise earns $ while the company earns $. The AYRFCI Fundraising Partners are the company & the network they build are the franchises, each earning from each sale.


Every product from Win Win Deals not only has a fundraising amount but an amount that goes into the AYRFCI Fundraising Network.

These commissions for the network help create ongoing & sustainable fundraising efforts.

Each sale pays 6 positions within the network, from what is classed as the seller & the 5 positions within the network in direct line of the sale.

The commissions are paid in greater volume the deeper within the line of the position within the network.

The price of the product/services are not marked up to provide the fundraising amounts or commissions, they are fair market value or cheaper.

They are local businesses that are changing where their advertising money goes. Supporting locally rather than supporting bigger businesses.

Commissions Paid

Remain with a local cause

Earned by those putting efforts in locally

Create greater benefit for the community

Helping to improve our community

A Win Win For Our Community

We invest in our communities

AYRFCI, the relationship marketing platform that is creating direct & positive benefits for the community. Raising awareness of great local organizations, fundraising, and community listings.