The AYRFCI Fundraising Network

People who have a natural desire to help, people who have a natural desire to do more.

Join The Network

By joining you are required to sponsor a cause. The cause has to meet some basic requirements.

Causes sponsored must provide direct & positive benefits to the community. The cause can be a childhood activity, sport, class. The cause can be a church/club/organization. The cause can even help those having difficulty paying for ongoing medical treatment not covered by OH IP or even ongoing medication that has become overwhelming for a family.

As an AYRFCI Fundraising Partner you earn commissions, the commissions earned are not a lot. The primary focus is on fundraising efforts but we also created opportunity for many to benefit from a single effort.

Your sponsored cause also earns commissions within the network & this is what will help to create sustainable & ongoing fundraising efforts within the network.

It’s A Win Win


From Local Businesses

Local Causes

Benefit From A Single Effort

A Win Win For Our Community

Great Fundraising Opportunities Through Local Businesses


The AYRFCI Fundraising Network Commissions

How we are going to change the way we view fundraising efforts within our community & how we are going to change the support we can create for our small local causes before we lose them forever.

We invest in our communities

AYRFCI, the relationship marketing platform that is creating direct & positive benefits for the community. Raising awareness of great local organizations, fundraising, and community listings.