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AYRFCI Fundraising is the place to connect with & join as an AYRFCI Fundraising Partner.

AYRFCI Fundraising Partners

Our AYRFCI Fundraising Partners are the only people that can access the products/services provided by Win Win Deals. Each product/service deal has been reached to help provide great fundraising options from local businesses. Joining as an AYRFCI Fundraising Partner, you join a network of great people that are fundraising for their favourite local cause. It is free to join with no fees or start up packages, joining the network provides you access to the great products/services & each purchase through the network also benefits an additional 2 causes.

When joining you must sponsor your favourite local cause that will also hold a position within the network earning commissions just like an AYRFCI Fundraising Partner.

A person can get paid to raise funds for their favourite cause, not only raising funds for their favourite cause but 2 additional causes as well.

Our Community Wins


Purchasing From Local Businesses

For Fundraising Efforts 


Support A Great Local Cause


Additionally 2 Other Causes Benefit

A Win Win For Our Community

Win Win Deals By Community

AYRFCI Fundraising Partners access the products/services through the AYRFCI Community Pages.

AYRFCI Community Pages

The AYRFCI Community Pages provide great information about the community including event listings, fundraising options & great local causes.

Each community has their own set of products/services provided by Win Win Deals from businesses within the community. With a growing network of AYRFCI Fundraising Partners, a growing benefit for our communities.

Local Businesses

Supporting Local Causes

Fundraising Efforts That

Support 3 Causes

With A Single Effort

We invest in our communities

AYRFCI, the relationship marketing platform that is creating direct & positive benefits for the community. Raising awareness of great local organizations, fundraising, and community listings.